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    Indexing Full Names


      Hi Everyone,


      I have InDesign CS 5.5, and have a Mac running OSX 10.6.8.


      I am trying to create an index of a directory, which lists full names, and location names. Stuff looks like this.


      Family Health Practitioners Clinic

      Inman, Tonya K FNP

      Ortman, Kay E FNP

      Seagren, Bette G FNP



      There are thousands of entries, and they each need to have individual references. I'd like to do it without individually selecting everything, but I'm not quite sure what the best option is. I have IndexMatic Pro, and a free indexing script, but the commas in the names seem to mess things up.


      I have a word list of all the terms to index, and I am really hoping to find an easy way to generate an index.


      Thanks in advance.