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    img tag in TextField : a nightmare ?

    jylaxx Level 1
      After reading of the documentation about Flash TextField class (used by Label and Text), I was expected a lot of this component, especially about the img tag.
      I spent a lot of hours trying to make it working as the doc says. Each time I have runtime errors.
      Using link to jpeg or png files I have Error #1034 (I comment a "resolve" bug in the JIRA adobe bug system).
      Then I try to embed images with a link identifier to a movieclip symbol (seams to be the only way to use embedded images). After spending a long time to understand what that was meaning (just ONE example should have save half day of work !!! may be the Adobe guy should be advised that not all the Flex developpers comes from Flash !), I was abled to use a swf file made with fresh downloaded Flash CS3.
      But that time if the first assignment to htmlText property is ok, when I change the value I have error #2025 (DisplayObject must be a child of the caller - translate from french).
      So I am quite disappointed about Flex choice today...
      I was abled to add a support for the missing <table> tag but I don't know how to easily rewrite a complete TextField which can insert images (embedded in swf).
      If anybody has success with images in TextField, let me know !