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    AdvancedDataGrid Query

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      In a project, I need to display performance indicators for each employee. I have following ValueObjects


      Employee     { empId, empName }


      PerformanceIndicator {indicatorId, indicatorName}


      PerformanceValues {id, value} // this value is performance measure e.g time spent on coding is a measure for developer


      In AdvancedDatagrid I want to display employeewise data. I want to show Employeename, performance Indicator Name and performance measured value.


      For each employee, there can be multiple performance indicators so I created an object (sat MyNewVO) which holds all the above 3 VO. For each of the performance indicator, I create an object of type MyNewVO and collect in an arrayCollection. I gave this arrayCOllection as dataProvider to advancedDatagrid. Also tried Grouping Collection


      But I cant get it working as desired as I have nested data which should be grouped on basis of employeeName.


      I have not worked much with AdvancedDatagrid. Though I am trying I cant it work properly. So Can anybody please suggest some way to do my task.


      Thanks in advance.