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    Font embedding in Flash CS5



      I have 3 swf files: Main, FontLibrary and Graphics.

      Main.swf loads the other two and applies logic.

      Graphics.swf is created in Flash CS5 and contains a dynamic TextField instance, to which I want to apply a font from FontLibrary.swf. To know which font to apply, I apply the same font to textfield when I create it on stage.


      The problem is that the textfField with embedFonts=true searches for glyphs in its own swf file first. I don't want to embed the font in Graphics.swf. I use anti-alias type "Use device fonts". But as size report shows it still embeds the font, with no glyphs though.


      Is there a way to not embed a font into swf file using Flash CS5.5?

      (Buy the way, if I use TLFTextField it doesn't embed the font)


      Or how can I handle the situation from my Main.swf in a way that I get font not from Graphics.swf, but from FontLibrary.swf