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    My text is being repelled

    charlie4284 Level 1

      I’m new to In-Design, but know Photoshop reasonably well. I use ID to produce a club newsletter comprising text and photos. The first couple went OK, but I now have a problem.


      Whenever I draw a column or place a photo, there is an invisible ‘margin’ around it within which I can’t place anything. In terms of text the only real problem is that I can’t park a small text box immediately beneath a column to indicate a continuation. But photos are a major problem.


      I cannot draw a text frame on top of a photo using the text tool. If I use the other frame tool, as soon as I try to enter text within the frame, I get the red plus sign overflow symbol at the edge of the box, and can only enter text when I expand the frame beyond the photo and beyond the invisible ‘margin’ that seems to apply around it.


      I’ve ensured that I’ve not got the objects set to wrap text around them. I even tried putting a photo caption on a different layer.


      I guess that I’ve inadvertently invoked something that causes this small uninhabitable area to appear around frames, but I can’t find anything in ‘help’ that tells me what I’ve done. I’d really appreciate it if someone can tell me, or at least suggest a workaround that will allow me to caption photos.


      I'm using the latest ID version from the Adobe cloud