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    how to use onUploadCompleteData (FileReference)

    TimTee Level 1
      Hi, I've built a flash file upload and have it working very well. Now I am tweaking and adding new features to it, and one thing I want to do is rename a file on the event it exists. I'd like to send this back to flash, and looked and saw onUploadCompleteData . So I added this event, and it fires as it should, but all data seems to show is "<br />" that is what I trace.

      Now I am a little confused, adobe's documentation is, a wee bit scant on this with no examples of usage, and I googled the heck out of it. Adobe's docs says it returns 'raw' data. So, am I mistaken in thinking I can echo name/value pairs in php ad retrieve these? are there other was the get values back from php after the file upload php file is done moving the file?
      thanks in advance.
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          TimTee Level 1
          ok I got this to work, but not consistently.

          I echo the filename variable in the php script, to flash, and flash gets it in the onUploadCompleteData and it works, sometimes. but sometimes, there is a <br /> after the filename... why is this?

          ie: myFileName.jpg<br />
          is the output flash gets, some of the time...

          this is my echo line:
          echo $newFileName;

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            TimTee Level 1
            sorry for talking to myself. this has to do with a few lines ahead of the echo, that takes the image file, and makes a thumbnail. It stopped working for some reason I haven't figured out why yet and when I comment it out now my filename gets passed as it should. I suppose I could use a delimiter at the end of the variable I want in case anything gets appended.