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    How can I get PPro CS6 timeline to correctly show clip stretched in AE?


      I have a 2 second clip in my timeline in PPro CS6 that I want to stretch to roughly 18 seconds.  I did the following steps:


      1. right clicked on the clip in the timeline and chose Replace with AE composition

      2. when AE opened, I clicked on stretch in the composition and stretched it to 1000%

      3. I changed the composition settings to reflect the new duration of 18 seconds so I could view the entire clip in the timeline

      4. With the footage highlighted, I went to layer/frame blending and picked frame mix

      5. on the composition timeline, I toggled the frame blending on

      6. saved the AE composition

      7.  Back in PPro, the clip is now pink and shows that it's a linked AE composition, but the length of the clip has not changed and therefore only plays the 1st 2 seconds of the clip


      In order to see the entire AE linked clip, I have to either click on the AE linked clip that shows in the project panel, down to the timeline or right click on the clip already in the timeline and choose speed/duration.  Unlock the link between duration & speed and change the duration to the length of the AE stretched clip, leaving the speed at 100%.


      My question, how can I make the AE linked clip automatically show correctly in PPro?


      Also a related question, since the composition is a linked compostion in AE, the frame blending box isn't available on the composition timeline so I have to go to Layer/Frame blending to turn frame blending on.  Is this correct?  If so, how can you set the quality to draft or best?  Also should I pick frame mix or pixel motion to get the smoothest frame blending?