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    Error Message: "The parameter is incorrect" when trying to modify SSLs

    Ana Prior

      Like I wrote in my subject line, RoboHelp pop-ups the error message “The Parameter is incorrect” when I try to modify any SSL.

      What happens next, is that the “Print Document General” window opens, but does not allow me to select anything (the fields are blank).


      If I close the window and open it again, it seems to work until I have to select the styles from our Microsoft Word Template.

      Then the error message “The parameter is incorrect” appears again, and RoboHelp does not allow me to select anything but a stylesheet

      (which is not what I need).


      This is very strange, because not only  until recently I was able to build Word documents and PDFs, but also my colleagues are able to

      produce them out of my source.

      Even the old projects, that I was able to build, now I cannot.

      I do not have any problem in generating CHMs.


      Until now I have tried everything I found in the forum:


      1. I deleted the PSS file (also following the advice in your snippet number 14 from 10 – RoboHelp HTML –Features and Use).



      1. I reinstalled RoboHelp and the Adobe Technical Communication Suite (I also used CCleaner to delete the registries).




      1. I gave Administrator rights to all users in my computer (what seemed to work for some SSLs, but not for all)




      I am also looking at all programs that I installed since the last time I was able to build .docs in case there is a conflict, but I do not find anything!


      My computer has Windows 7 installed and I use the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3.5, with RoboHelp 9.

      My Microsoft Office is 2010.


      Can somebody please help me? Did someone have the same problem?


      Thanks in advance.