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    Swap images DW CS6 odd sizes?


      Trying to transfer my site to a fluid grid set up. Some, not all, of the swap over images that have worked previously, now come up as a different size to the initial image? I have checked the actual sizes and changed some to work with the max-width: 100% thingy. I can't see what could be doing this as I really have taken care over the images and sizes and it is only happening to some of them?


      For instance:


      <img src="images/vinnybike.jpg" alt="vinny"id="Image1" style="float:left; padding:8px; " onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('Image1','','images/blacksad.jpg',1)" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore()">


      Now both images are 600 x 33 at 72px/in but images/blacksad.jpg comes up bigger, scattering the text as it does.


      The only change here to the original code was to remove the sizes from 1st image to maintain aspect ratio.


      Please help