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    InDesign CS6 crashing when exporting document containing placed PDFs

    MVCarpenter Level 1

      I recently upgraded to InDesign CS6. Everything was working smoothly until I went to export my master file for the magazine I design. My workflow is such that I build each story in its own InDesign file, then export to PDF. I then have a "master file" that I place all completed PDFs into, then apply page numbering using the A-master and place advertisements, and export the final 140-page file as one single PDF. I have been using this process for many years.


      All of the smaller individual PDFs export fine on their own, but when I try to export the master file, it crashes at about 75-99% completion. Sometimes I just get a "background task" error, and other times the entire application crashes.


      This is exclusive to CS6. If I export the master file as IDML then bring it back into CS5.5 and export, it works perfectly. I went back several months and pulled up previous master files, and they all crash when trying to export from CS6 but work perfectly when exporting from CS5.5.


      I have tried:


      - exporting the master PDF in 50-75 page chunks

      - resetting InDesign CS6 preferences

      - running system utilities, cleaners, clearing font caches, restarting, etc.

      - creating a new master file in CS6 and copying all of the pages into the new file

      - creating a new master file in CS6 and individual re-placing each PDF


      ...and nothing works.


      To sum it up, CS6 crashes when exporting any relatively large PDF containing placed PDFs. Any suggestions on what to try next? This is a major problem and complete dealbreaker for my workflow if a solution cannot be found.


      My system:

      17" MacBook Pro (Mid-2010), 2.66 dual core i7, SSD, 8GB RAM, Mac OSX 10.6.8