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    Chart Multiple Series - Line/Column Alignment

      In one of the pages from the charting section of the Adobe's online Flex help,


      there's a picture near the top showing a line chart overlaid on a column chart, and the endpoints of the line segments are centered horizontally within each bar.

      There are two code samples later in the page showing similar charts, but the bars are only half as wide as they are in the first picture, and the result is that the line segment endpoints coincide with the right edges of the bar instead of the bar centers.

      I'm wondering how to produce a graph like the first picture. I tried different combinations of columnWidthRatio but nothing seemed to help. If I add more line series to the examples, the bars become thinner, as if the ColumnChart determines the bar width according to the total number of series, not just the number of column series.

      I thought about trying to add an ItemRenderer to the ColumnSeries, but it seems that should be an easier way. Any ideas? --Bruce