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    "Table" missing from application menu bar


      I have Adobe CS6 Master Collection. The "Table" menu is missing from the "Application Menu" bar. My current InDesign CS6 menu bar reads:


      File | Edit | Layout | Type | Object | View | Window


      *Note: "Table" should reside between the "Object" and "View" application (dropdown) menu items.


      When I go to "Edit > Menus...", the "InDesign Default" listing shows the same thing in the "Application Menu Command table column:


      > File

      > Edit

      > Layout

      > Type

      > Object

      > View

      > Window


      How can I establish the "Table" menu to my ""Application Menu" bar?" Or do I have to re-install InDesign CS6? (sure hope not...).


      *Note: I've scoured the Internet for similar problems/answers without success.