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    Workspace manager view


      Is there an easy out of the box solution for creating a "manager" view of tasks within Workspace?  The requirement is for a user to log in and search all tasks regardless of whether or not they interacted with that task (by default the search templates only show tasks which were assigned to you at some point).  I know you could share the individual queues but this gets cumbersome when a manager looks after a lot of employees.

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          Steve Bishop Level 2

          You could also create a group for each user that also contains the manager. This could be done programatically. If the user claimed the task, it would no longer be in the queue. It would not prove any work was done. A flaky thing is even if the user's queue is shared to the manager, the manager will not be able to see the item in the user's queue after being claimed.


          I solve the manager review requirement by calling a logging sub process between each step. It writes to a separate table. The Manager logs into a Flex dashboard to review the data and slice up multiple ways. Certain workflow steps may have multiple business process steps. For those, the user sets a status in a drop down before clicking complete. The process is routed to logging then back to the same user step unless the status has been set to the one that exits the loop.

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            Michael_Steward0 Level 1

            Thanks Steve, some interesting ideas there.  My fear is, as you suggest, this is really a custom view rather than being something that can be done easily out of the box. 

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              Steve Bishop Level 2

              I am unfailiar with BAM, but maybe that would do it.



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                Michael_Steward0 Level 1

                Unfortunately BAM has been removed from ES3.  I think I'll raise an enhancement request

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                  Hi Michael,

                  In LiveCycle ES 3.5 release (i.e. LiveCycle 10.5), we will have an HTML based workspace client. Apart from the today's flex workspace functionality, it will have some additional features. One of them is the Manager view, where a manager can see tasks assigned to its direct reports as well.

                  This will be an optional feature, turned off by default. To enable it, you'll need to implement an SPI for hierarchy management - something which will understand the concept of "manager" and "direct reports" in your organization and map it to LiveCycle Users. After that one-time work, the manager view will come up for every user who has direct reports (as per your SPI implementation)


                  Thanks and regards,



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                    Michael_Steward0 Level 1

                    Thanks Kapil, that's really useful to know.  I look forward to seeing the feature in the pre-release programme soon!