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    HD title center cut guides

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      These seem to be missing from Pr in both the viewers and the titler.  Short of creating my own guides in Ae or Ps, and temporarily overlaying them every time I need to add or adjust some text, which would be a real drag on productivity, is there a way to turn them on in Pr?


      I'm on Mac, if that matters.

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          EditorPete Level 1

          Nope. Big bummer for me too, Jim. I've been using a homemade guide as well, extending it accross my whole spot on a dead track, then turning it on and off as needed. Hopefully you can download this and then size to your specs as needed. I usally import, then add to timeline with the PrP HD safe zones on, then size it up to match the safe zones. Files top and bottom should match your sequence verticies as well.


          Safe Title centercut.png

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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            Thanks a bunch, Pete.


            Hard to believe this was left out of a "Pro" app.  Ae has them.


            Off to file a feature request now.  Cheers.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              This has been something that I have filed Feature Requests for, for some time now. It was not until CS 6 (IIRC), that Titler finally got the Alignment and Arrangement tools, similar to the ones in Photoshop and Illustrator.


              I use the same technique of creating a Guides Image, and using that for times, when I need a grid, or similar. This article has a few, but about the time that I was completing it, Adobe took away the capability to attach files, so I never got back with other guides and grids: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2176418#2176418


              Good luck, and maybe we will get full grid/guide function in Titler.



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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                I'm confused.


                The titler comes up with the Safe Margins by default, and both the Source Monitor and Program Monitor have the option to turn them on.

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                  lasvideo Level 4

                  Jim, I believe this is the kind of conter cut guides are referring to ,


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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    Oh, not that crap.


                    I really HATE when HD programming has the titles in the middle of the freakin' screen to make sure they're seen on 4:3 sets.  There's just no excuse for anyone showing HD content as 4:3 in this day and age.

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                      Jim Curtis Level 3

                      Yes, it's a real creativity-stifler and rule of thirds violator to have to compose text for center cut.  But, that's the rule for some of the spot broadcasters like Extreme Reach and HD FastChannel.  They'll reject your spot if anything is outside that interior area.  It indeed takes some of the fun out of designing for HD.


                      The reason for it, I'm told, is that a lot of cable stations still broadcast everything in SD, and some stations broadcast in SD with the sides of HD progamming chopped off.  PBS / KERA does this in my town, as well as some of the cable channels like Comedy Central.  PBS apparently has no center cut requirements, because a lot of shows I watch have the text cut off.  I'd rather they letterbox.

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                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                        Perhaps this is a stupid question, but couldn't you just set the Safe Margin lines in the correct place to simulate the center cut? i am not at my editing PC at the moment, but it should not be that difficult to figure out the percentages to get this to work correctly.


                        Sure, the upper and lower lines would not be right, but the left and right could be. Since the upper and lower lines would be the same in the center cut as they were in the 16:9, you probably already edited with those in mind anyway, so just ignore them for the center cut review.


                        Then, just to check your work, nest the sequence in a 4:3 sequence in order to see what might happen if they cut off your sides.That might be better than putting a template on top. Maybe. As I said, I can't check this right now.