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    map ids in RoboHelp8.02.208 HTML project not staying in project

    cynthiarudy Level 1

      1. In RoboHelp 8.02.208, I have a completed project.

      2. Now i will map the map ids to the topics. 

      3. All of the map ids are in the .h file.

      4. i open up the .h file for the project and use the RoboHelp feature in project settings  to map the ids to the topics.

      5. This is done individually to each topic.  I do not use the auto map feature.

      6. All of the map ids are mapped to the individual topis. All of the ids are blue with the topic names correctly identified to the right of the mapi id.

      7. The files are saved.

      8. The files are generated using HTML help.

      9. The project is closed.

      10.  When the project is reopened none of the map ids are mapped to the topics.  All of the ids are yellow with no topic names mapped to the ids.

      11.  Can you help me as to why the map ids are not mapped after the project is reopened.