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    Presentation with Video


      I'm using Flash Player 10.2 to present slideshow presentations that were built in InDesign CS5.5. The presentations have animations and were therefore exported as SWF presentations. On a slide within the presentation, I have embedded an .f4v video. The video plays well and the animations within the presentation work great!


      My problem is that when I present this presentation in full screen mode within Flash Player, I can't advance to the next slide after the video plays. The presentation works great up until I need to advance to the next slide after the video. It is almost as if Flash Player uses the arrow keys (that I was using to control the presentation) to control the video once it starts playing. After the video stops playing, the arrow keys continue to control the video instead of controlling the rest of the presentation.


      Is there anyway to stop the keyboard controls for the video so that they only control the presentation? Or is there any other way to continue on with the presentation after the video plays?