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    Event Form with Multiple Registrants

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      I have been trying to created an event registration form on which multiple registrants can sign up with multiple fees.  For example:


      Member Name(s):                        Member Fee ($0.00)       # of Members:          Total:


      Non-Member Name(s):                Non-Member Fee ($30.00)          # Non-Members:       Total:


      Member Staff Name(s):               Staff Fee ($30.00)                # Staff Members:       Total:


      Is there some way to do this?

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          It's possible to do most of what you have shown. FormsCentral does not support field calculations at this time, so it's not possible to implement the "Total" field. However, if you were to make use of our PayPal integration feature, the total cost would be shown to form-fillers during the "checkout" phase.


          I created a simple example form, which you can access here:




          The form uses an approach where each class of registrant (member, non-member, staff member) is split into a separate section. Note that I omitted the non-member and staff member sections. Please try interacting with the form to see if this is something that would work.


          If there is some aspect of this approach that you don't like, please let me know and we can explore alternatives.


          If you would like access to the form design, please email me at bhavlin@adobe.com and I'll share the form with you.