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    Issues with language from form locale & PDF language syncing

    blmdfcae Level 1

      I have my completed fillable PDF form that I designed in the LiveCycle, but when it's in its PDF version, it's not reflecting "English" as the language setting.


      Here's what I've done:


      In LiveCycle:

      File --> Form Properties --> Defaults --> Form Locale is set to "English USA"


      On the same form, in PDF:

      File --> Properties --> Advanced --> Language is BLANK & GREYED out so I cannot even edit it.


      I'm running LiveCycle 8.2 and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.


      We can't upload currently because it's not Section 508 compliant with the missing language. I work for the government so there's no workaround - it has to be fixed.


      Any advice?