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    How do I turn off snapping to some sort of invisible grid in InDesign?

    Pamaro22 Level 1

      In the last few upgrades of Indesign something has stumped me. When I move or scale objects there is snapping to some sort of invisible grid. This happens when I move or scale something with my mouse but not when I move something with the the up and down arrow keys (I set the keyboard increments to a very small setting and that works). I've tried troubleshooting this problem by playing with the settings for guides and grids under the "view" menu, changing preferences for units and increments and guides and pasteboards, anything I can think of. Nothing turns this snapping off and it is impossible to do percision alignment when scaling because I can't scale with the up and down arrow keys, only the mouse and other input devices. I have been using InDesign for a long while so I am a relatively advaced user but I haven't been able to figure this one out.