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    PLEASE HELP ASAP! Button in Flash CS3 not working

      I need help desperately. As soon as possible. I only know the VERY basic's of flash, so I need it to be simple!! I am using Flash CS3, but the only coding I know is from Flash 8.

      1.I simply want to just be able to type out text that will be my button. (I clearly know how to do this)
      2.Convert that text to a button. (I know how to do this as well)
      3. Apply an action to the button. (I keep getting the error "actions cannot be applied to the current selection")
      4. Have that button go to a specific place in the timeline that I have named (It has the red flag next so I know where to send the button to)
      5. This is the ONLY code I know is even close to what I need to have it be at:

      on (release) {

      //Movieclip GotoAndStop Behavior
      //End Behavior

      Is there a way to upload the flash files? If so I will upload, because I know this sounds simple enough, but it wont work. Thanks

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          You are trying to use AS1 in your movie, and the movie's Publish settings are set to use AS3. You can use your current code by opening the Publish Settings, going to the Flash tab and then selecting AS1-AS2 in the Actionscript option.

          A better, long term solution, would be to read through the tutorials that come with Flash CS3 to learn the proper coding techniques to use with AS3.