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    'Phantom' Flash Frames After Trimming? CS6

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      Interesting obeservation in my first full edit in CS6 PPro.  After my first rough cut, I duplicated the sequence and began fine tuning and trimming clips.  After trimming an intersection of clips, upon playback in the program monitor, a flash frame appears of the clip adjacent to the currently playing clip.  This has occurred multiple times in the same project in a handful of duplicated sequences.  Here is a screen shot which might lend some insight to this text description.  You will see that the clip loaded in the source monitor is the same clip over which the playhead sits in the sequence, but the source and program monitors do not match.





      I have zoomed in as close as possible to examine the trim edits and the problem flash frame areas and see no erroneous trims or extra frames.


      I did attempt a quick export test and the flash frames did not appear in the export, but as I review the product in the program monitor the recurring phantom flash frames are certainly jarring and a bit annoying, despite the comfort of knowing when I export the final product that all should be well with no flash frames in the end product.


      Has anyone else experienced these phantom flash frames?  I'm hoping it is just this project and it doesn't become a recurring issue, and thought I would check here to see if anyone else has experienced this phenomena in CS6.


      Thanks for any insights or thoughts,

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I don't know if this is related, but one oddity I noticed is the name in the Source Monitor.  It seems to show the sequence name first, then a colon, then the clip name.


          I cannot duplicate that behavior.  If I load the sequence in the Source Monitor, I get the sequence name alone.  If I load the clip, I get the clip name alone.

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            lbsimpson Level 1

            Thanks for taking a look.  Strange indeed.  I can't seem to get the clip to load in the source monitor without displaying the sequence name along with the clip name as in the screen shot.  Not sure what hte issue is, but there are no flash frames in any export of the final project.  Should the issue arise in a new project, I will report back, but other than that I'm stumped!  And since it isn't impacting my final product...I will try not to worry, unless it becomes recurring between projects.


            Thanks again!