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    Is this possible?


      I'm working on a coupon book and I'd like to do this as efficiently as possible... This is my first XML driven project and I'm quite excited.

      So this is probably going end up being built as an InDesign book considering I'll have ~7 chapters with 5-80 coupons in each with three coupons to a page. The book will have an index that includes each business's name, address, and website. This has been done by hand in the past and that just sounds awful to me.

      I've been researching my options for automation and so far the Table of Contents generator feels the best but I can't seem to get it to nest the business contact information under each first-level heading.

      I've tried a variety of different settings but it seems that I need a more rigorous hierarchy than the TOC tool can support.

      Assuming that option's bust it seems like I could utilize the fact that I have all of my content in a deliciously rigid XML document and some scripting. Unfortunately my experience with both XML and scripting in InDesign is relatively slim. That aside... here's my thought:

      I talk to database guys and have them include each coupon's UID and in turn include said UID in a hidden layer during the XML Import. Once it comes time to build the index I merge all my XML files and sort the whole list alphabetically. After importing the text it seems feasible to run some kind of script that replaces the UID in the index with the page number the corresponding UID resides upon.

      This sounds like it's possible but I haven't plunged into scripting quite yet to confirm absolute feasibility. I figure someone here might be able to confirm it's worth my time to figure out.


      I'm grateful to any input on the subject.



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