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    RoboHelp 8 Toolbar Options


      Is there any way to remove the Search button on the Toolbar in RoboHelp 8, without removing the Search Input field at the same time? I cannot get the Remove icon to become active for that button and if I compile the WebHelp for my project with Search deselected, both the button and the input field disappear.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          It depends on the type of help you are generating. There should be a check box when you generate the help that allows you to choose whether or not there is a Search button.


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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi there


            I'm thinking the best approach for you will be to use a tiny (1px x 1px) image for the Search button. Use a transparent color. This will allow the Search button to be present, but not seen and only clickable in the off chance that someone would know to click that exact X/Y coordinate on the main toolbar.


            I just tested and under certain conditions with the settings in the Single Source Layout recipe, you are actually able to leave the option for the Search Input Field enabled, but turn off the Toolbar option.


            But I think there is an issue with this. In my testing, even though I could arrange the options as you say you want, I still ended up with no ability to Search. And my gut tells me that this is the reason.


            When you turn off the Search tab, you are effectively telling RoboHelp you don't want it to build in any Search functionality into your project. I suspect this is why you don't get the Search field.


            Now let's examine exactly how Searching works.


            With a typical Search, the user clicks the Search tab or button in the main toolbar. This presents the Search panel on the left side. They click into the field at the top of this panel, type their term and click the Go button to perform the search. The results display in the lower part of the panel.


            Using the Search field in the main toolbar, the user clicks into the Search field, types their term and clicks the Go button. What follows next is an automated version of using the Search panel. The Search panel opens and saves them from opening it, typing the term and clicking Go.


            I think the key point here is that with either approach, the Search panel is needed to present the results. By turning it off in the toolbar settings, there is no search function in the project. Hence, no Search field in the main toolbar.


            So this is why I say it's likely the best approach to use the tiny image for the button. That will keep Search enabled and allow it to function, but not show you any button in the Main toolbar.


            Perhaps Willam has some fancy schmancy code that can make things work a different way.


            Cheers... Rick


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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              Like he said. I hadn't spotted that when you deselect the search button, the Search Input Field In Toolbar option gets disabled.


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                paulparks Level 1

                Thanks for the suggestions. But a developer I'm working with pointed me to another solution. It turns out that there's a whtskin_tbars.htm file that you can edit. What you do, or what he did, there was remove the line that says addbutton that's related to Search. Unfortunately, there is a limitation to that solution in that you have to re-do that every time you compile. Still, it is a solution that worked.


                Thanks again for your help.