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    Premiere Pro CS6 Issues with AJA and Black Magic


      Has anyone had any issues outputting via AJA and Black Magic cards?


      I have 3 Macs using Black Magic Intesnsity Pro HDMI cards and 1 Mac using an AJA IO Express. On all the machines, i get weird audio issues intermitantly. I press play, no audio comes out. I stop, press play again, no audio comes out but the PP VU meter is registering. I stop, and press play again, and i hear distortion coming from my speakers, i stop and play again, and everything is fine. These issues are consitantly happening, but not necisarily in that order. I also get out of sync audio, then stop and press play again, and its all good.


      I fell as though i have narrowed it down to being between PP and the IO cards, because if i turn the cards off in PP, my audio is fine everytime.


      I have the propper Premiere Pro drivers (for AJA) and all the latest firmware and drivers for black magic. I am playing Quicktime media, usually Apple Pro Res hq or 444. IO and data rate with same codecs works perfectly in FCP. I have also tried using media that is local as opposed to on our server.


      Has anyone had issues with this? Is this a known bug with in PP? Will it ever get fixed???