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    Adobe CS5.5 - Flash Pro Fonts


      Hi all,


      I am enquiring regarding the location that Flash Pro 5.5 picks up its fonts from.


      As far as I am aware, the rest of the CS5.5. suite looks to both the Windows\Fonts system folders and the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts\ howevever, Flash only seems to look at the Windows\Fonts folders, and not the common files, even though the is a folder within the common files called C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\FlashFonts 1\. But any fonts put in here are not picked up by Flash.


      I ask this because installing 5000+ fonts to the Windows\fonts location has a detrimental effect on overall performance of the machine, thus installing them to another location (C:\Program Files\Common Files...\) works well.


      Does anyone know of a file location where Flash will pick up fonts from? or a registry entry or anything that determines where Flash looks for fonts?