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    Moving line on a globe.

    Blue_Devil1 Level 2

      If I do a trip video, I usually show the trip with a stroked vector line on a flat map (made in AE).  However, I recently saw a motion graphic where the red stroked line is placed on a  globe which looks much more realistic.

      According to the guy who did it, he made it with an effect in iMovie.  I was wondering if the Mac folks could tell me if this type of motion graphic could be made with iMovie and then rendered out as a .mov file so I could put it on a Prem Pro CS5 timeline?

      Thanks in advance.

      John Rich

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I would do your "spherical line" in Photoshop, and it would basically be a Path in Vector, along the longitude/latitude of the globe.


          Going way, way back, I bought many "globe" images, both NASA photographs, and also artists' renderings of various hemispheres. While I have never done the "trip path" on them, it would be easy with the PS Pen Tool, and the creation of a Path, that would be Stroked on a Layer, then Imported as a Sequence, into PrPro. To "reveal" the trip route, you might want to use Layer Masks and Layer Comps from PS, sort of like doing "handwriting" on an Image.


          Good luck,



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            Blue_Devil1 Level 2


            Thanks for you help.  However, to make this look like what I saw, the globe has to be 3d and the path has to curve around the globe and the globe has to rotate if I'm going say from Chicago to Rome.  I think it's more of an After Effects type thing.

            I was surprised that this was included in the iMovie program.  I could probably make it in After effects using CC Sphere, but was looking for an easier way.



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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can use the Write On effect for the stroke on a map or just a line from the titler.

              Nest sequence and the use the spherize effect and a track matte to make the globe.

              Finish it of with a Bevel Alpha and a background. I uses a color matte with a ramp.



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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                Also, duplicate your line and offset it in 3D space, change it's color to a soft gray to make it look like a shadow.

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Yeh, forgot about that.

                  No need to duplicate, when in the titler use the shadow.

                  The line is not a line but the rounded rectangular tool to get round ends.

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                    BOSU BABU Level 1

                    I purchased rotating earth project (PP)for $3.99 from the site below.
                    A Rotating Title Around a Rotating Earth Template (Loop)

                    What I enjoyed is The map used here is flat layer in psd.The way it was done ,I felt,was very nice and wanted to share the information here.It follows steps under  posting 3 in general.

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                      Blue_Devil1 Level 2

                      Thanks all for your help.  I used Premiere's tools, but found them a bit cumbersome as compared to the iMovie technique. 

                      Here is the result from iMovie.


                      John Rich

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                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5



                        Looks good. I doubt that the jet took that path. Probably went up and over Maine.


                        But the line looks good. I like the ease in and out of the motion.

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                          Blue_Devil1 Level 2


                          Thanks.  You're right about the course, but the effect was free and easy to use.

                          It is good to see you  posting again.  What is it , four years?   I'm still using Cineform although it's, of course, been bought out.


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                            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                            About four years, yes.


                            I got sidetracked. Worked hard to avoid losing a job, lost the job, moved across country to take a job, and then one day I realized I wasn't having as much fun as I used to have before all of this started. So I came back to video editing as an outlet for my creative side as well as a way to get back to being technically relevant. Bought a reletively fast PC with some money I inherited and here I am. I really like CS6 and the whole Creative Cloud concept.


                            I am using the free Cineform codec to be able to edit the video I already captured. I haven't had a really big project that required that I shoot with the big HDV camera (just having fun with my Android phone mostly), so I haven't put out the money to be able to convert to Cineform yet. I will, but not until I actually need it.I suppose I could still use an old copy of HD-Link but I imagine that the codec has evolved a lot and I should probably just bite the bullet.


                            Your use of iMovie surprises me. I didn't realize that it was that advanced. (I haven't seen it or used it in a long time.) The more I watch that video the more I like it. The fade out of the first location's text is very nice. The way the light radiates from the arrival location is fabulous.  I would really like to see a tutorial on that, just to compare to what it would take using Adobe products. It would make a great little contest to see who could do it the easiest way and achieve the same results.