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    Making a game with user positions controlled by database?

    pjackson55 Level 1

      Im very very new to flex and I just thought Id ask for some peoples thoughts on what Im trying to do, whether it is the right way or not.


      I want to make a game with users placed on a grid, and them being able to move around the grid in real time. for example userA is at row 5, column 10. userB at row 1 column 12 etc..


      The way Ive been looking at doing this is to set up a database with the user info in it, then move things around by changing the values in the database the same way it is done in many of the tutorials(php, java or whatever).


      My concern with this is that it may be slow.


      1. Is this the right way to be doing this?


      2. How many users can i expect to be able to be on the grid at once and still reasonably real time? 10? 100? 10000?


      I realise that this will sound like a really nooby question but any answers or discussion helps me understand.