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    Uprezing from 720 x 480 to an HD format?

    media kat Level 1

      Is there a way in CS6 to uprez SD footage from 720x480 to either 1,280×720 pixels or 1,920×1,080? I want to place some SD footage into an HD sequence. What is the best way to do this?



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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          I'm trialling Boris FX Uprez plug-in for AE/PR  - as I have some WW2 footage of HMS Hood that need to go into an HD programme. 


          I find that it's more effective in AE than PR but the old adage "garbage in: garbage out" does hold true!


          There is also Red Giant Instant HD plug-in.


          ...or, if it's interlaced, try Red Giant Resizer in AE - bundled with Instant HD.

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