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    Why does the Flash Player update act like Malware?


      We're all used to software being distributed with unnecessary, unwanted, and completely unrelated parasiteware, which has it's 'optional' installation pre-selected, requiring a specific action on the part of the victim to avoid. Typical examples of this kind of malware have included the Ask and Yahoo toolbars, McAffee scanner, all bundled in this way.


      Its bad enough that purveyors of software that is so undesirable it can't be distributed on its own merit, have to resort to this tactic.


      Unfortunately it appears Google has joined Adobe in the dash for malware:


      Not content with foisting things like the Yahoo toolbar, I have just caught the latest Adobe Flash player update, trying to slip a bundled installation of Chrome as a pre-selected 'option'.


      Look; a pre-selected instal 'option' for completely unrelated and utterly unnecesssary software, and one which requires users to take specific action to avoid, is malware. End of.


      Google's motto used to be 'do no evil'.


      Malware is evil.