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    Help screen always on top

    Tech Writer KC Level 1

      We are creating a new help system for a program, and we're encountering an issue where the help screen permanently stays on top of the program screen, even when the focus is shifted to the program.

      The "Top-most Window" option in Advanced Window Properties | Extended Styles has never been checked for this project, and I even tested selecting it, building with that option, then unselecting it and building it without the option (just in case somehow the program was being buggy about it), and it's still forcing the help screen on top.

      The developer working on this project is racking his brain from his end to figure out what's going on. I can't think of anything else on my end that could be causing this, but I thought I'd ask you all as I'm still fairly new to RH. Are there any other options or settings that could be causing this on RH's end?

      According to the dev, the screen acts fine if he launches it separate from the program - the issue is only occurring when opening it from inside the program.

      Thanks for any tips or suggestions as to what may be causing this!
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          Pete Lees Level 2

          If this is compiled HTML Help (.chm), and if the developer is using the HTML Help API to call your help file, then this is the expected behaviour. According to Microsoft's HTML Help API documentation:

          "Any help window that you create through the HTML Help API is owned by the calling, or parent, program. This allows the help window to stay on top of its parent, yet not be on top of any other program that has focus."

          The developer should be able to override this behaviour by passing "null" rather than the handle of the calling window as the first parameter of the HTML Help API calls. Here is an example of a modified call:

          HtmlHelp(0, "c:\filename.chm", HH_HELP_CONTEXT, 1001)

          However, this has the disadvantage that the help file is no longer bound by the actions of the calling program. So if the user closes or minimises the program, the help file isn't closed or minimised as well.

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            HKabaker Level 2

            Too bad you can't do this in WebHelp!.

            It lets the user keep the information open, while he or she follows advice and instructions for that page of the application. The window must be movable and have its own icon or button for closing it independently.

            Dang! Ironic!

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              Tech Writer KC Level 1
              Thanks Pete. I have passed on your response to the developer.

              I forgot to specify that, yes, our help is an HTMLhelp .chm.