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    Shortcut for applying effect


      New user here wondering if someone could expertly assist me in answering this:


      So I'm trying to master the AE keyboard shortcuts ( got my handy cheat sheet etc). But in going about my workflow, I've hit a roadblock.


      Here's the situation:


      (on Mac)Got my layer selected ( backslash CMD+up/down arrow key etc.) Feeling kind of like a pro, then I-- CMD+5 -effects panel CMD+F -to search the effects-- type in effect name annndddd i can't arrow key down to select my effects panel search result.... anyone got an answer for me here?


      I ask this questions specifically because I assume that it will apply to most panels... But if anyone has tips that might help a novice out, I would greatly appreciate it!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It works like it always has/ is designed to work. AE never selects anything based on a search field. Not in the project window, not the timeline, not the E&P panel. Kinda makes sense most of the tiem, considering how much actualyl depnds on the selection context in AE...



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            Mantasis Level 1

            I just to make sure I'm not getting an answer from miscommunication. Ie. I search up motion blur in the effects panel... I'm not expecting to hit enter in the search field and then it being applied to the layer... I'm asking if I can some how "tab"/jump down to the results list and arrow key through that and then hit enter on the effect i want....Hopefully that makes sense....

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Cmnd/Ctrl + 5 will get you to the Effects & Presets Panel or open it if it's not visible (or hide it). Unfortunately you cannot use the Tab or any other keys to jump to the query field or navigate through the presets.


              Shortcuts to all of the panels that have shortcuts are right there in the Window Menu. It's a good way to learn shortcuts.


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