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    Recommended External Mixer / fader device for CS6




      I consider upgrading to the CS6. I need to control the faders of the mixer externally. Hopefully via USB or Wifi.


      Do you know any devices that 100% will work with Audition CS6?


      I have looked around, but many posts are old and talking about midi.


      Just a fader-panel, not nessesary motorised. Just to get "hands-on".


      Thanks John

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          markerline Level 4

          Just because you want USB does not exclude the device from being MIDI. Many devices run MIDI over USB. One such example is Native Instruments' Maschine which is essentially a MIDI controller that you can use in MIDI Controller mode or in Proprietary mode to link with the Proprietary software that comes with the device. It is a sequencer, not a mixing board. So that is not what you want. But search some of your favorite audio hardware online stores for mixing boards that run via USB and are MIDI controllers so that you can link them with ease to Audition or any other DAW that you might own. Note, Audition is not really a DAW but rather a software for manipulating audio data. If you really need to mix music and have the capabilities of creating audio then look for a full DAW.

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            ryclark Adobe Community Professional

            It really depends on how much you are prepared to spend.


            High end devices using the Eucon protocol are pretty well supported. Also anything that can be switched to use Mackie Control or HUI protocols. Probably the cheapest is a Behringer BCF 2000.

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              jopperdk Level 1

              The reason I ask, is because I today talked to Adobe Support, and they told me that Audition in CS6 has the ability to connect with external devices. I need the setup to mix the audio for film in Premiere Pro. I am so tired of the way to handle only one audiochannel at a time when editing video (latch function). I am used (from the real world) to mix 3-4 audio channels at the same time (music, narration, cleansound, effects) live-on-tape. Therefore I want a setup where I can work that way. I own the CS4 Mastercollection now, but think of upgrading to CS6. I have looked at the Behringer. Reasonable price. What else can I buy? Do I have to look for DAW devices? Any recommendations? Spending up to 500-600 USD would be possible, right now. I am not going to make music with the device - just mix audio for my video in Premiere Pro.

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                _durin_ Adobe Employee

                Hi JopperDK,


                Audition CS6 can be controlled by any device that supports full Mackie emulation (as opposed to Mackie HUI which is a different protocol and offers a subset of commands.)  Additionally, it supports the Avid Eucon control protocol.


                The Behringer BCF-2000 works well, and I have one at my desk that I use from time-to-time.  I can recommend it as an inexpensive control surface, with the caveat that it "feels" cheaper than the more expensive decks.  However, I've banged mine around over the last 5 years and it still works great, so cheap and plastic doesn't necessarily mean poor quality.


                Audition is an excellent DAW and its integration with Premiere Pro should allow you to mix and master in Audition and return finished stems to Premiere for final prep and render.  I'd be happy to hear about your experience and any problems you may encounter along the way.



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                  jopperdk Level 1

                  HI again


                  I might have decided for the Qcon Pro. Would I be more happy with that, compared to the Qcon EX? I can see an idea in having the jog/shuttle wheel at the hand for making new "takes", if the first one didn't mix good between ie. music and narration/cleansound.


                  I understand that with Mackie, USB and the device itself I should be able to run Audition CS6 and this way mix my audio from Premiere Pro CS6 "live-on-tape" with "hands-on" on the faders :-)

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                    markerline Level 4

                    It's true, I did state that Audition isn't a true DAW since I don't think it comes with any built-in VST's even though it has the technology to import any that you buy as third-party add-ons.  I guess I am also frustrated with the fact that before working on anything I have to make a copy of the file and import the copy to the project because certain effects are known to make destructive edits to the file right off the top.  It doesn't give you the option to save the project without making that destructive edit to the file.  I guess though I must honestly say I don't truly know how to use Audition yet since I own other DAW's that work just fine for my purposes.


                    I did see on http://www.adobe.com/audition that there is a tight integration with Premiere which makes it handy for the OP and other video editors who need to sync their audio just right.  I haven't explored this feature in Audition yet but maybe I'll look up some video tutorials.

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                      _durin_ Adobe Employee

                      Audition installs with several dozen audio plug-ins, most of which are VST-based.  I suspect the confusion lies in Audition's two distinct editing modes.


                      One one hand, Audition is an audio file editor and enables you to make destructive changes to files through the linear application of plug-ins, modification of levels, editing of sample values, and comprehensive time, frequency, and amplitude selection tools.  Uses for this mode include recording a single file, noise reduction, restoration, sound design, etc.  These are processes which are intended to create or modify an existing file.  Some of the plug-ins Audition offers are only available in this mode as they, by their nature, cannot be real-time requiring analysis of a complete signal in order to function properly.


                      One the other hand, Audition offers a completely non-destructive multitrack environment where audio sources are generated or mixed in relation to one another.  Effects may be attached to these sources, modified over time using automation, and mixed to generate a file output file.  Because this is a non-destructive editing environment, only real-time plug-ins are supported so that they may be tweaked and modified at any point during the process.  Uses for this mode include recording live music, ADR and post-production for video, long-format content (audio books, podcasts, radio shows, etc.)


                      It's not uncommon for an Audition user to work primarily in one mode or the other, but a good understanding of the distinction between the editing modes can open the door to a lot of power.


                      Thanks for the discussion and let us know which control surface you end up getting and how you like it.

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                        jopperdk Level 1


                        Yes, In the years I have edited video, I have cut my narration-files and sound-files in Audition / SoundBooth - as you say - it makes changes to the files.


                        I understood on Adobe Support, that the way the audio mixer works (or can work) in the Premiere Pro CS6, is approx the same way that AfterEffects is working with Premiere Pro. You link / open the project in the wanted software, and you get on the fly changes. Not to the files sound or videofiles themself - but changes in the project-file - ie. the volume and Latch-function of the faders.

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                          _durin_ Adobe Employee

                          Audition and Premiere integrate through two paths.


                          If you select one or more clips and choose "Edit in Audition" Premiere will perform a render-and-replace operation generating new files from your original clips, linking them to the new files, then opening those new files in Audition.  Any changes saved directly to those files will update the respective clips in Premiere.  As an example, you might have 30 clips in your sequence, culled from various parts of a 3 hour long interview, with varying volume levels.  Rather than adjust each individually, you could select these clips, choose to edit in Audition, then perform a Batch Process operation on the files to normalize to a specific amplitude.  The clips in Premiere would reflect the new, normalized waveform.


                          You can also send an entire Sequence over to Audition.  Typically, this process would occur after picture freeze.  A preview video is rendered, and new audio files representing each clip are generated with appropriate handles to facilitate mixing and cross-fades in Audition.  Audition imports this sequence as a new, native Audition multitrack session.  When any additional recording, mixing, mastering, etc is finished and the audio is ready, you send a mixdown (or various mixdown options, depending on what your video project requires) back to Premiere where it is inserted into the timeline as a new audio track and is ready for rendering your video for distribution.


                          It is different from a DynamicLink integration, like you might see between After Effects and Premiere where the paradigm is a little different.  An After Effects composition can be represented in a Premiere timeline by a single clip and modify the contents that clip references, but the applications are not making changes to each others internal timeline.  Integration with Audition behaves in much the same way in that Audition can modify the content of the files that Premiere clips are referencing, but are not changing the envelopes, effects, or layout of content within the Premiere environment.

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                            jopperdk Level 1

                            Ok, I understand. It seems like it is acting the way I expect.

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                              i want to ask you guys,


                              if i want to connect a sudio mixer to Audition CS6, what plug ins i have to use, and what are the processes for that,


                              also FYI, i am connecting the mixer directly to the laptop using the 5.5mm lead taking stuff from the mixer, and a 3.5mm lead putting things into the laptop connected at the mic's port,


                              Kindly i know how to use the multitrack and some settings as i have been seasonally playing with it over a year,


                              please help me connecting my laptop to the mixer using Auditions, as i love the recording quality it provides!