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    ACR 7.2 Release Candidate Issue

    b2martin_a Level 2

      I reported a problem with ACR 7.1 Release Candidate that was not fixed when ACR 7.1 was released and It still exist in ACR 7.2 Release Candidate.  This issue does not exist in ACR 7.0.  See this for details: ACR 7.1 RC Issue Not Fixed in ACR 7.1 - posted on May 30, 2012. 


      Is this not a problem?

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          Level 5

          You may want to make it easier for others to find your referenced post by posting a link to it here.


          I finally found it, but, frankly, I couldn't quite follow what your "issue" was.  It appears you got no responses or comments on that post, so that leads me to believe I was not the only one to be puzzled.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            A link would have been nice, but I managed to find it: 




            And I can confirm the problem is reproducible here in 7.2 RC as well (also on Win7).



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              b2martin_a Level 2

              Noel, thanks for posting the link and verifying the issue.  I don't understand why Adobe did not correct the issue before they released ACR 7.1, but I thought they would have it fixed for ACR 7.2 RC.  I guess I will return to ACR 7 until ACR 7.2 is released and I can check it again. 

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Perhaps they feel this isn't too serious a problem, but I don't know that.  Or maybe the thinking is that once you choose PV2012 you'll like it so much you'll never look back. 


                I'm still sitting on the fence whether to stay with the upgrade or go back to 7.0.  Initially it looks promising but more testing is in order.



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                  Now that Noel posted a link to the post you had in mind, I was able to read and understand what you are saying.  You had started an earlier thread on the subject, a week or ten days before the one in Noel's link, and in that post I was just unable to figure out what you meant.  (Forgive my if I sound a bit edgy, but I was also a bit miffed that you had sent me on a wild goose chase with your OP).


                  After the enlightenment of your later thread, I now understand it—but I can also understand why the ATM team hasn't addressed the issue.  For me it is absolutely a non-issue, and I have no idea how many users like you might find it objectionable at all.


                  I found PV 2012 so superior that, like Noel suggests, I've never looked back.

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I would guess this sort of bug, unless it is something really simple to discover and fix, is not a show-stopper, and wouldn’t hold up an RC release that helps people with new cameras.