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    Sword cut effect with falling paper

    LeeXiaoLoong Level 1

      okok the title is a bit ahrd to understand, i try to explain

      i want to create an effect where

      i use a sound of a sword that slash 3-4 times

      i want to make an: objector a text or something hide from a black screen by "cutting" the black screen and make the black screen fall in pieces like jigen in lupin when he cut something then the object will fall in some pieces BUT the falling position must start from the original form


      like i have a circle that hide the word hello


      i use the sound of the sword to give the idea of the cut


      the piece of the black circle (not like particle effect) start to fall, in example i make 4 slash then the circle is divided in 4 pieces that will fall revealing his hide text

      the text is not a problem, i just want to know how to make this effect, can't find any example video on internet