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    CF 10 + CFB 2.0.1 + MAMP PRO: RDS connectivity issues


      I am trying to setup a simple CF developer environment on my Mac.


      I and running MAMP PRO and have installed CF10 Developer and have both running successfully. I have CFB 2.0.1 installed as a plugin on Flash Builder 4.6.


      I have added a CF Server and it states that it is running.

      Flash BuilderScreenSnapz001.png


      The Server configuration was straightforward, however, I am unable to resolve the RDS connectivity issues I am having.

      Flash BuilderScreenSnapz002.png Flash BuilderScreenSnapz003.png


      When trying to connect to db...

      Flash BuilderScreenSnapz004.png



      When trying to Test Connection/Test Debugger...

      Flash BuilderScreenSnapz005.png


      RDS is enabled as is Line Debugging (default port 5005, started/stopped/cf restart).

      Google ChromeScreenSnapz001.png

      Google ChromeScreenSnapz002.png


      When trying to restart or start/stop Server in CFB, I get the following Errors.

      Flash BuilderScreenSnapz006.png


      I've scoured the forums and Google and am coming up empty, any help is appreciated.