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    Premiere Pro Acting Very Strangely


      I don't even begin to know how to search the interwebs for the issues I'm having, so I thought I'd post here and see if anyone else is having issues.


      I run PP CS6.0.1 via Creative Cloud on a macpro with an NVIDIA Quadro4000 card.  Firstly, when I installed the application via Creative Cloud's installer, the 'coreaudiod' bug showed up.  Possibly a coincidence, but a strange one at that.  Besides the stability issues and the occasional performance bugs, PP has now started doing something even stranger.  Now when I launch the app, the startup screen (the dialogue box that displays after the splash screen) now shows up halfway off screen to the right of my monitor.  Then if I actually open a project, it ALSO loads up halfway off screen.  I can easily get everything back on full screen, but it's still a completely obnoxious problem.



      Then, if I leave a render going or simply leave the app up and running over night, I'll come back into work the next morning and suddenly my desktop backgrounds have been completely removed and replaced by a generic gray system background.



      I'm at a loss. Has anyone experienced ANY of these things?