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    Scrubbing FLV Movies - Performance?

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      Hi there Folks,

      I am currently using the FLVPlayback, seekBar component to scrub external FLV files. However I am finding the performance when dragging the seekHandle is poor. i.e. If I drag the seekHandle at a resonable speed, the movie seems to take a second or half second to update on screen. This gives a very disjointed feedback/user interaction which does not feel smooth when using.

      My FLV files are fairly small, average a few meg, ranging from 50 frames to 200, or 5 to 20 seconds.

      Is this a keyframe issue with my FLV's? If so what is the best settings when exporting FLV's of this size for use when scrubbing?

      All help is always greatly appreciated, Cheers Folks.