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    Frame Rate issue with AJA Kona 3G




      This might be a daft newbie problem, but I have spent a fair amount of time googling for it with no luck. Perhaps someone here can point me in the right direction? I'd be so grateful!


      We are trying to set up a Windows machine with Adobe CS5.5 and an AJA Kona 3G i/o card.

      Based in the UK our production environment is 1080i25 with 625/25 B&B timing reference.


      In the Kona control panel we can set the format to be 1080i25 - once applied, the video display fed from the Kona will resize correctly, and show a pink-to-green transition across the screen that looks ... fine. I mean, how much can you tell without movement, but the colours look like the usual SDI test colours and the aspect ratio is ok, and there's no flicker.


      But as soon as we run up After Effects, the picture on the output monitor jumps, and the Kona control panel changes output to 1080i29.97. And we don't get to see any decent output, let alone a usable preview from AE.


      Now we've been around the AE settings as far as we could find, and everything in the composition points at 1080i25. Nevertheless, as soon as AE is running, the Kona feels compelled to change.



      We are stumped. Is this a bug, a feature, or (as I suspect, simple newbie misconfig somewhere deeper?).


      Here's some of the usual background info:

      HP Z800

      Win7 64bit

      Adobe CS5.5 patched to current level

      AJA Kona 3G firmware 4/9/12 (latest)


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