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    Cross dissolves don't appear in after effects

    mark bader

      I'm working in premiere pro CS5.5 and after effects.

      I am editing my footage and building my sequence in the timeline within prem pro but when I use the Adobe Dynamic Link to 'replace with a new after effects composition' the cross dissolves applied to the clip in premier pro are missing when I return from after effects.

      I have a work around , which is to drag the clip onto a new video track, lengthen it by 10 frames or so, send it to after effects , do any effects and colour treatment in AE , go back to premiere, re-adjust the length of the clip, lower it back into position and add the cross dissolve again.


      This works, but does anyone know of a better solution or am I about right.


      Thanks , I'd be really interested to know anyone's thoughts or experiences in this area