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    PHP debugger stops on consecutive RemoteObject calls

    dipot4 Level 1



      if I try to debug the PHP part of my flex application the debugger stops if the app makes two RemoteObject calls so that they overlap, i.e. the second RemoteObject call is being made befoe the first one could return a result.


      for example:


      function init():void {





      If I do this e.g. at startup of my flex app and try to debug the PHP part I see the debugger start up (in the "debug" view of flashbuilder), but then when the second call is made, the debug list switches to "<terminated>" and no more PHP is being debugged beyond this point, i.e. later calls by the flex app to a PHP service no longer show the debugger running (little green "running" arrow" in debug view) and no breakpoints are being hit.


      If I trigger these RemoteObject calls via a button for example and I wait until the debugger has finished running the first RemoteObject call and then I hit my button and the second RemoteObject call is running, then everything debugs just fine.


      Does anyone have an idea how I can solve the problem here? I can sort of understand that the debugger has trouble debugging a second PHP call while one is already being debugged, but what is the solution? If I build the manual triggering of PHP service calls into my app that's going to be a very ugly app :-)


      I looked for any kind of setting to not allow simultaneous RemoteObject calls to PHP services (e.g. as part of the Remote Channel definition etc.) while I am developing, but couldn't find anything..


      Any help appreciated,