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    V 11.4.402.256 in IE Keeps Wanting to Update!

    DaveMcKeen Level 1

      Hello, I have IE9 'update version' 9.0.9 running on Windows 7 Home Premium v6.1 (Build7601 SP1).  I recently reset IE9 because of another problem.  Since then, when I start IE9 or do a Refresh on the browser I get the Adobe Flash Player download screen.  I installed the latest version of Player.  I see it in IE's Manage Add-ons screen.  It is Enabled.  I have IE's Active-X filtering turned off.  I uninstalled then reinstalled Player and got the bouncing cube when I started IE.  Next time I started IE I got the Download Flash Player screen.


      I continue to see the Flash Player download screen each time I start IE or do a refresh on it.  I've read forum articles here and other places and have tried numerous fixes, but all failed.  I need some guidance!


      Thanks - Dave