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    Lens Profile Data


      Lens Profile Data :


      Biogon_T_2.8_21_ZM ;

      Biogon_T_2.8_25_ZM ;

      Biogon_T_2.8_25_ZM ;

      Biogon_T_2_35_ZM ;

      CBiogon_T_2.8_35_ZM ;

      CSonnar_1.5_50_ZM ;

      CZ_Distagon_T_2_8_15_ZM ;


      Planar_T_2_50_ZM ;

      Sonnar_T_2_85_ZM ;

      Tele-Tessar_T_4_85_ZM ;

      Tri-Elmar-M_16-18-21_mm_ASPH ;

      Tri-Elmar-M_28-35-50_mm_ASPH .


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