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    Color Picker in Flash CS6 Changing My Picked Color


      Program: Flash CS6

      OS: Mountain Lion

      Hardware: Intel MacBook Pro 2012


      Steps to recreate issue:

      1. Paint a color on the stage (brown seems to have the most dramatic results)

      2. Use the color picker to sample the (brown) color from the stage

      3. Use the paint bucket to apply the selected color to the stage


      Result: the color painted from the sample color is not the color that has been originally sampled.


      If you then sample the new color you have just applied, it again changes the color. Repeating this process over and over again eventually turns the color into the brightest red on the color palette.


      Is anyone else have this issue or know how to correct it?


      UPDATED: Attached is a link to the video of the issue in progress. For whatever reason my cursor doesnt show up correctly in the video, but what I am doing is using the color picker to sample the color and then painting the sampled color. As you can see from the video, the color becomes more and more red until it maxs out, even though I am just sampling the same color over and over again. The color on the left is the control color (the one that I originally sample) and the color on the right illustrates the bug.


      video link: