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    Display Problem


      I have Premiere Pro CS6 - I am running on a Dell T3500 with two monitors.  I recently did something to cause my Program Monitor to display full screen on my 2nd monitor.  I can't shrink it, move it or even close it unless I click out of the program - then it goes away. It doesn't display that way on any new projects - just the ones that were under way when the problem appeared.  I have selected the default editing mode, the 5.5 editing mode, etc. - everything changes but that image on the 2nd screen.  I also have my program monitor running normally in my standard layout.  Does anyone have a clue what is going on?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What happens if, in one of those faulting Projects, you Reset Workspace?


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            Greg Baber Adobe Employee

            Go into your Preferences then Playback.  Uncheck both of your monitors - this will force Premiere out of monitoring on your second monitor.


            If that is left on, in your Sequence Settings, you have a button marked "Playback Settings..."  That allows you to set monitoring on a project by project basis, but sometimes it doesn't want to be changed after the fact.