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    Can't open more than one InDesign file at a time.

    MdesignAZ Level 1

      InDesign CS6


      Sometimes, when I try to open a second or third InDesign file I get this message:

      [Cannot open "file-name.indd" please close one or more Adobe InDesign documents or books or libraries and try again]


      If I close all open files, it lets me open one file.

      If I quit, and restart Id, I can open more than one file for a while, then it starts to show this error message again.


      Interestingly, it was doing this same behavior in Id CS 5.5.

      I was hoping that upgrading to CS6 would cure it of this.


      Any ideas?


      iMac i7 27"

      8 GB RAM

      OSX 10.8.1