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    Question on distributing PDF forms

    JVC Northwest

      My office was previously tried using Adobe X Pro to make fillable PDF forms, and in that program two other files were created for every form (distributed, responses) and we tracked responses through the Adobe X Pro software on our computer.  Now that we are using Adobe Form’s Central website, I just want to double check and make sure I understand how this is different.


      We use our Adobe Forms Central subscription to “save a submission enabled PDF” and we can distribute this PDF through email or our website. When someone hits the “submit” button at the end of the form, it seems like the responses go automatically to our response page on the Adobe Forms Central account. Are the distribute and response files connected with the PDF form stored at Adobe Forms Central?  I just want to make sure that our office doesn't need to be responsible for these additional files, since they seemed so essential in making fillable forms work in Adobe X Pro.


      Thank you for your help!