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    Problems with Radeon 6850 as Main GPU and GeForce GTX 285 as dedicated GPU for Mercury Playback.


      Hello everybody! Thanks for reading. Having some problems with playback and multiple GPUs.


      I have a Radeon HD 6850 as Main GPU. I reinstalled my old GeForce GTX 285 on another pci-e slot as a dedicated GPU (runing on windows 7 64bit) to be able to use the mercury playback acceleration again.


      When I go to the settings, I can select GPU Accelerated Mercury Playback, but videos will display black while playing on premiere CS6 (timeline and preview). The single monitor is plugged into the Radeon as it is the main GPU (and newer).


      Any way to make it work? I Just really missed the performance I had with the gtx 285, but it's time to retire it as the main GPU.


      I have an AMD 8120fx CPU, running WIndows 7 64bit...the latest drivers are installed on both video cards, BIOS is up to date, power supply providing the right voltage... everything else is running smoothly, It's just when playing back on premiere with the Mercury gpu activated.


      Is there anyway way to force premiere into using the gtx285?