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    how to solve worsening cs6 performance at high temperatures? (laptop)

    dv416 Level 1

      premiere has a tendency to lag when the cpu temperature gets hot. What are some ways to effectively reduce core temperature so as to improve premiere cs6 performance?


      for reference, I am running  a 2011 macbook pro, maxed out 16gb ram, SSD program drive, 750gb optical bay media drive. though often, media also comes from an external via usb or f800.


      my timeline is pretty typical. One or two tracks of raw mxf DVC PRO HD p2 files. a music track (from mp3 / mp4). It just sucks because once I get really plugging along - when I'm "in the zone" as it were, I am forced to compete with decreasing performance. When I'm at my most productive mentally, cs6 is at its least. Any tips?