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    AMF Serialization and floats

    TucsonJava Level 1
      I am transfering float values from Java DTOs to corresponding AS objects using both FDS and remote objects. The Java float values have a precision of 4 decimal places (verified before serialization) yet when they are created in AS they have 16 decimal places with values extending throughout the 16 digits. I suppose I can round the values when I receive them at the client, but can someone tell me if there's a better way to insure the destination values are the same as the source?

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          seth_hodgson Level 1
          Hi Mike,

          To serialize/deserialize data between Flash and Java symmetric data types are necessary. ActionScript and ECMAScript provide a Number datatype that equates to a Java double; it's an 8byte IEEE-754 double precision floating point value. They don't provide a 4byte float datatype.

          So your Java floats are being widened to Numbers on the client. I'd recommend using double values on the server if possible to avoid any potential mismatch.