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    Converting NEF files to DNG

    Mama KellyKins

      I have recently purchased the Nikon D800.  I am having a difficult time converting the RAW NEF files to DNG so I can view them in Photoshop Elements 6 and Photoshop CS6.   I do not understand why Nikon would make it so difficult to upload into Photoshop.  Very frustrated. Any information would be appreciated. 

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          Are you using the latest version of the DNG Converter, at least 7.1?  There is also a Release Candidate (beta) version, 7.2 RC1.


          What do you mean by having "a difficult time converting"?  What happens when you try?


          Are you aware that the DNG converter works only on folders and not on individual files?  You must point the DNG Converter to the folder that contains the files, not at the files themselves.


          How are you getting the files to your computer?  There have been many reports that the Nikon Transfer (or Nikon Transport) utility damages the files.  Try just dragging them from the card to your computer instead.


          Are you on Macintosh or Windows?  What exact version of the OS?




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